Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tianjin Merlin Gerin Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Merlin Gerin Co., Ltd. is a leading professional manufacturer of leakage protection is a foreign-invested enterprises in China, one of the top 500. Tianjin Merlin Gerin Co., Ltd. uses information technology to help companies run management more effective, in the fierce market competition, an annual average of 25% annual growth rate.

Four classes of company ERP software system to Tianjin Merlin Gerin Co., Ltd. is committed to product quality and meet customer demand and production simultaneously. According to the company by the use of four classes of quality management principles, the company can continue to manufacture reliable products to meet customer requirements. Since the implementation of four classes of software, MGE has achieved 100% pass rate of finished products and timely delivery, and from 50% to 98%. Meanwhile, the company increased the per capita cost, reduced inventory costs, inventory turnover increased from 3 to 9. Four classes of the system while allowing MGE time month-end close from 10 days down to one day.


Founded in 1987, Tianjin Merlin Gerin Co., Ltd. is a French company Schneider Electric was established in the Tianjin Economic Development Zone, a joint venture. The company mainly produces industrial, civil, electrical equipment, air circuit breakers provide circuit protection and protection of personal safety leakage protection. Merlin Gerin company to 25% annual growth rate.


Merlin Gerin is not only facing increasingly fierce competition, there is leakage protection quality customers growing demands. Merlin Gerin range in the company needed major changes. To ensure the competitive position also need to streamline production. This production information to be combined with the financial cost to ensure better control and management decisions. This requires synchronization of production and customer demand. MGE also need to put energy into the production process, to ensure continuity of high quality.

MGE began in 1993, four classes from the software to help you achieve these goals, to ensure an invincible position in the industry. Four, an integrated ERP-based enterprise software Windows platform.

Four classes of solutions

Four classes of systems to enhance the Merlin Gerin competition in industry leadership. Customer orders, purchasing, production, integration of financial information to employees throughout the company have greatly improved work efficiency. Tianjin Merlin Gerin made to keep the number of personnel in small and increase production, so Tianjin Merlin Gerin's per capita economic benefits among the best in the industry.

Production sector from the four classes of systems are accurate, timely information, to reduce finished goods inventory, shorten delivery time, excluding material supply.

With the help of four classes of systems, the company's staff to plan from the burdensome and coordination were freed to concentrate more devoted to improving the production process, improve quality, enhance communication with customers to. A result, customers MGE product satisfaction with a leap. In 1997, ISO9002 quality system certification passed.

Four classes of systems to help remove the financial sector a lot of manual work, improve the accuracy of financial records. Finance staff can now concentrate into financial management, not data processing. In the four classes of systems with the help of ten to one by the end of checkout.

The most important thing is to Tianjin Merlin Gerin, rapid response to customer needs. Production planning personnel can keep abreast of demand for the product information, production lines can be done to market demands a high degree of synchronization from the client to submit orders Dao shipped products we maintain pace with the industry first. The products are also timely delivery of inventory to meet the prerequisite to maintain a reasonable level.

In marketing, the sales staff can get from the system in a large number of timely and accurate data to be able to quickly grasp market trends, grasp the opportunity to increase sales.


Four classes of system, the successful implementation of the Merlin Gerin provides information technology it needs to ensure the competitiveness and meet customer needs. Efficient implementation of the increase in non-employees and still get to keep sales increase.

"Four classes of software with the market enables us to respond rapidly to changes and meet customer needs," Tianjin Merlin Gerin MIS Manager - Wang Chuan said: "the use of four classes of systems, we have a better understanding of the communication of information between various departments the importance and necessity. We are very fortunate to have chosen four classes, it is indeed a very useful management tool. "

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